Nike Air VaporMax

Nike Air VaporMax With its radically reinvented Air system and Flyknit upper, the Nike Air VaporMax is the futuristic silhouette that should be updatet with your cutting-edge design! Share your results

Nike Air Foamposite


Nike Air Foamposite You already know that ball is life, but you won’t go for the obvious models – because your very own taste is just like the Nike Air Foamposite: bold, unique and always [...]

Nike Air Max 1


Nike Air Max 1 With the likes of Patta, atmos or Ben Drury, you got some big shoes to fill – and we’re not talking about a size 18. But your answers show that you’re able to upgrade [...]

The Big Nike Air Max Quiz

Everybody loves Air Max, everybody knows Air Max… but do you know everything about Air Max? We put together a series of questions that take you through the 30-year history of Nike’s [...]

The Big Nike Air Max Quiz

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[viralQuiz id=13]         (IMAGE CREDITS: 1: Overkill – 2: – 3: Sneaker Bar Detroit / 3a: Nike / 3b: Nike / 3c: Hypebeast –4: Nike – 5: The Idle Man – 6: Sneakers Dog – [...]

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