10 of the Worst Sneaker Collabs

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Collabos are truly something special. As soon as a shoe, that’s maybe even kind of mediocre gets that special collab treatment, it instantly gains popularity. Whenever stores get the chance to add their ideas to a sneaker’s looks, the blogs and kids go crazy. Unfortunately collabos aren’t always dope. It can happen that a store that has always put out great sneakers might fail and the result is…how to say…an effrontery to every sneakerhead in the world. And not only, an effrontery to EVERY person who has ever bought a pair of shoes at that certain store by that certain brand. Let’s go ahead and take a look at the 10 worst!



Mr. Bathing Ape x Regal

First of all, when has the Bathing Ape turned to be a “Mr.”Why would we address an ape with “Mister”? IT’S AN APE! But anyways, we understand when brands not only try out new things but also try to provide their fans with as many products possible, but show us a formal event where it’s okay to wear suit shoes that are not only white AND black, but also come with a giant star and flash on the side, and we’ll approve.


Jouetie x Atmos x Puma Disc Lite

Atmos has brought out some collabos that got grail status right away, but this one is just…it’s somehow…it looks like…like… like a Zoo! There is a bee around the toe box and a cheetah in a purple bikini right behind it. The shoe would’ve been dope without the leopard print, or if the purple would’ve been black or the yellow would’ve been black or brown, but this randomness is just too much.


Extra Butter x Diadora Titan II ”Spaghetti Western”

Big fans of Diadora and even bigger fans of their collabs, but this one is weird. The idea is nice – to honor Sergio Leone and his infamous western movies. But sometimes a poncho has to stay a poncho and sneakers should stay sneakers.



Supreme x Nike Air Foamposite One

Meanwhile at Supreme: “This time we gotta go bold. Like really bold. Really really bold. Bold and cheesy. Like, let’s throw a Victorian rug on Foams. And I’ll take it even further – no box logo!” Employe:”But who is going to buy this?” – “Everyone! Because it’s SUPREEEEMEEE!”



Solebox x Reebok Instapump Fury

Not sure if that’s supposed to be German camo or a leopard with body paint on.



Staples x Clarks “Tawyer”

This pair definitely has a sophisticated design aspect, but the see through somehow reminds us of a somewhat revealing dress – for your feet.



Teyana Tailor x Packer x Ewing 33

Is that a translucent gum sole with golden glitter in it?



Concepts x Nike SB Dunk “Ugly Christmas Sweater”

We definitely get, that the idea of making a holiday themed shoe that leaned on ugly Christmas sweaters is a cool idea. But idea aside we don’t think that these should be worn by grown ups. What’s the sense of buying a shoe that you can just wear around a certain time of the year, anyways? And how stupid would it look to rock these during summer time? Has everyone ever tried it?



Patta x L.A. Gear x Club Zonder “Fireball” 

Patta, Patta, Patta. After all of those iconic Air Max 1’s, the recent Gel Respector and even the Roos Woodhollow, why? There’s not one cool thing about this.


Sneakersnstuff x Reebok Pump Twilight Zone “Punsch-roll”

Let’s start with the silhouette – there’s a lot of shoe going on. The Reebok Pump Twilight Zone will still be HUGE in a size 4. Calling it a high top is an understatement. So there comes Sneakersnstuff and puts green all over the shoe. And just to make it look more like a giant hill as opposed to the small little pastry it’s supposed to remind of, they add brown.

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