Vans x Trap Skateboards Half Cab – Interview with Richie Löffler

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Real recognize real. On the eve of the upcoming Vans x Trap Skateboards collab – dropping June 1 at SUPREME in LA and June 10 at legit skate shops worldwide – we got the inside scoop from Trap founder and pro skateboarder Richie Löffler. Here’s the lowdown on how the new limited Half Cab – pictured in this interview – was inspired by a legendary Hamburg skate spot, which the locals are currently trying to save from demolition. Interview by Ernie Beckmann.

Richie, seeing all the things, companies and shops you’re involved in, can you briefly tell the readers what your collabo is exactly called?
It’s the Vans X Trap Skateboards collabo. The design is inspired by Hamburg’s legendary skatespot Wilhelmsburg Banks which, of course, is my favorite spot.

 How did the cooperation with Vans come about?

I’ve been a team rider for Vans for a very long time. When I visited my pals at Vans in the US last year, we realized that my favorite Vans shoe, the Half Cab, and my skate brand Trap both will have their 25th anniversary this year. Since Vans and Trap wanted to join forces for a collabo for quite a while, it seemed like the perfect moment.

“Save Wilhelmsburg Banks” is the story behind the collabo. What is it all about?

As I said, the Banks are my favorite skatespot and a true icon of Hamburg. Last year there was talk that the Banks should be demolished so we started a campaign called “Save Wilhelmsburg Banks” to generate attention. At the moment, it looks like the spot will survive.

Hamburg and Cypress, California are about 14 hours apart. How can we imagine the design process?

All the agreements were made directly in California but the devolvement of the design happened here in Hamburg.

How big was your personal influence on the choice of the model, the colors, the materials, the collaboration with Vans? In other words, did you influence the final product?

I had absolutely free choice with all things. But for me, it was immediately clear that it had to be the Half Cab.

Why is that?

I have been skating the Half Cab since the days we cut the Caballero Vans down to a Half Cab. Of course, there are many other great Vans shoes, but the Half Cab is definitely my favorite.

Can you tell us all the things to know about the release?

The first release will be this Thursday, June 1st, at Supreme in LA. On June 10th, we will release the shoe at some other befriended skateshops. Slam City London, Nozone Paris, Mantis Hamburg, Lockwood Antwerp, Stilladen Vienna and Odddays Moscow. It will be an in-store first release and then online.

Are there any other things like apparel, accessories or decks coming in this collaboration?

In this release we concentrated exclusively on the shoe.

Any further collabos planned for the future?

Well, what shall I say, be ready for surprises.

Thanks and good luck!

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