The Making Of – New Balance’s “Real Ale Pack”The Making Of – New Balance’s “Real Ale Pack”

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In den letzten Wochen gab es einige geleakte Fotos vom New Balance “Real Ale Pack”, das aus einem CT300, einem 576 und einem 1500er besteht. Wie der Name schon sagt, geht es dabei um die typisch englische Pub-Kultur – und gleichzeitig soll es an das Pub Pack von vor fünf Jahren erinnern. Das ganze Thema ist perfekt erzählt und verweist am Ende auch auf die lokalen Wurzeln, die New Balance im englischen Flimby hat, wo die Firma aus Boston seit 1982 Schuhe produziert. Um das alles gebührend zu feiern, hat uns NB nach Flimby eingeladen, wo wir die gesamte Produktion des Packs miterleben durften – von der Materialauswahl bis hin zum fertigen Pack. Hier kommt unser Pub-Tagebuch in Bildern!



















NB HB 576

NB HB 1500

NB HB ct300

NB realale hero packshotThe last few weeks, we’ve seen a few leaked shots of the New Balance “Real Ale Pack”, consisting of a CT300, a 576 and a 1500. As the name implies, the whole pack is dedicated to pub culture, referencing to the “Pub Pack” that was released five years ago – remember the towel? The storytelling is very special and it ties in nicely with company’s local roots in Flimby, England, where the NB factory has been producing shoes since 1982. To celebrate the pack New Balance has invited us to Flimby, where we were able to witness the production of the pack first-hand – from the material selection to the finished product. What a great honor! Here’s our journey to the Lake District in images.

3#nbrealale on tour – the bus to Flimby

4The 1500 Cumbrian Red spotted

5Arriving at the factory

6The leather shelf – the best materials available are used in Flimby

8A 245-strong workforce is employed at Flimby. Besides the young blood, some of the older employees have been working there since day one.

10Ingredients for the finest ale …

12… crafted with pride

13… handmade in England!

15Even though 444 pairs are made in Flimby every day, lots of steps require the touch of a human hand

16The CT300 minutes before being finished …

17… and the final shoe in the hands of a worker.

20While the 1500 Cumbrian Red is being finished as well.

NB HB 576

NB HB 1500

NB HB ct300

NB realale hero packshot

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