The Saucony Jazz 4000 OG Is Back From 1992

Saucony Jazz 4000 OG (S70487-1) - Mood 1
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Even though they got classics like the Shadow and GRID in their portfolio, the Jazz remains Saucony‘s best known and most popular model. Initiated in 1981, the line also includes a true star of the 90s which now returns to the shelves: the Saucony Jazz 4000 OG.

Marking the fifth installment into the Jazz series, the 4000 unites performance and style. The main focus clearly lies on the formerof the two aspects though. “We’re in the shoe business, not in the show business” was the slogan the Masachusetts brand chose to introduce the model in 1992. That’s why the Jazz 4000 catered to actual runners of all levels. Its patent cushioning system provides unparalleled comfort and tracition, combining an EVA midsole and the brand’s unique XT-600 outsole. An upper of mesh with suede overlays refines the shoe’s lightweight construction, while a Stytherm heel counter adds stability.

But all that attention to performance and wearability doesn’t mean that the Jazz 4000 isn’t an absolute beauty. The material choices already set the base for that classic 90s runner look. Pink and purple accents finalize the design on this OG retro, as a “Jazz 4000” tongue label and the stitched “Jazz” logo on the heels then round things off.

In the past, Saucony shoe boxes had the word “sock-uh-knee” printed on them to ilustrate the brand name’s correct pronunciation. The name comes from Sacony Creek (historically Saucony Creek), which is a tributary river of Maiden Creek in Pennsylvania. Saucony was founded there in 1898.

Release Details – Saucony Jazz 4000 OG (S70487-1)

The Saucony Jazz 4000 OG released on May 2, 2020 at stores like 43einhalb. It retails for 105 €.

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Pics via 43einhalb

Saucony Jazz 4000 OG (S70487-1) - Mood 2
Saucony Jazz 4000 OG (S70487-1) - Mood 3
Saucony Jazz 4000 OG (S70487-1) - Mood 4
Saucony Jazz 4000 OG (S70487-1) - Mood 5
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