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PUMA CELL Endura - On feet 1
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Trends constantly go in cycles. And with the 2010s closing out, the resurgence of 90s style is alive as ever. The sneaker world is no stranger to that kind of nostalgia, especially since this golden era brought us some of the all-time classic models. One brand at the center of it was German sportswear powerhouse PUMA. And they’re bringing back true gems from 1998. To celebrate the PUMA CELL technology’s 20th anniversary, the brand relaunched the CELL Endura and CELL Venom.

PUMA’s archives contain several timeless trainers that have already started to return over the course of the past couple of months. Thick midsoles, visible technology and overall bold designs are still all the rage. Now PUMA gears up to bring back two retro sneakers with a special type of 90s technology. PUMA CELL is an advanced cushioning system that was featured in their line of performance running shoes.

PUMA CELL Endura - Mood

Some quick facts for sneaker tech mavens and chemistry buffs: polyurethane elastomer configured in a pattern of interlocked hexagonal cells are designed to provide better stability and improve cushioning. And as “vis-tech” features were still relatively new and people at the time were concerned whether exposed components could actually resist wear and tear, PUMA put some money into development and guaranteed it wouldn’t puncture, go flat or loose air.

PUMA CELL Endura - Technology
PUMA CELL Endura - On feet 4
The Comeback

While the CELL Venom also received some state-of-the-art production updates, the chunky silhouette returns in its distinctive look. The dynamic upper design is paired with a with a thick sole unit which features an eye-catching transparent heel element. Minimal tweaks on the tooling make the Venom ready for 2018, but the steez still is all 1998. The PUMA CELL Endura releases in early October while the CELL Venom drops in December.

Looking at aesthetics and sheer style, the CELL models represent all that you would expect from a late 90s running sneaker. They’re bulky, they’re in-your-face and they’re undeniably cool! To celebrate the technology’s 20th anniversary, PUMA now relaunches the CELL Endura and CELL Venom.

PUMA CELL Endura - On feet 2
PUMA CELL Endura - On feet 3

Staying true to its OG appeal, the striking CELL Endura features new materials and new production techniques like digital stitching. The reworked toe area results in a sleeker shape, but the shoe’s characteristic aspects like the ingenious lacing system and translucent parts that reveal the cushioning throughout the midsole remain in place.

Release Details – PUMA CELL Endura / Venom

The PUMA CELL Endura and CELL Venom are now available at puma.com.

For more 90s style from PUMA, also check out the CELL Alien OG and CELL Stellar.

This story first appeared in our October 2018 issue of Sneakers Magazine – available now!

Sneakers Mag October 2018 - Issue 40

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