Reebok Classic 27’ x 78’ Pack

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Did we mention that tennis-inspired kicks are building some serious trend momentum right now? Drawing on a legacy of court-ready styles, Reebok Classic is now paying homage to its roots with four classic tennis shoes in the 27’ x 78’ Pack.

Dominated by white colorways and luxe materials such as premium leather, the 27’ x 78’ Pack consists of cherished 1980s tennis models Revenge, Phase I Pro, Act 600 and the NPC UK II model.

For added details, the uppers feature lines inspired by the demarcations on a tennis court. The Phase I Pro and NPC UK II feature subtle accents on the heel, while the Revenge boasts a preppy looking green stripe. All models feature grippy rubber outsoles and pack-themed graphics on the insole.

On that note, the name of the collection refers to the measurements of a tournament-size tennis court, namely 27 feet by 78 feet. The four classic models are re-releases that have definitely seen some action on the feet of legendary tennis players over the years.

The 27’ x 78’ Pack drops today with a EUR 99.95 price tag at select retailers including Asphaltgold, Save Our Sole, Solebox, Titolo, 43einhalb, Suppa, Engelhorn Mode, VOO Store and HHV.

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