Everything You Need to Know About the PUMA RS-X3

PUMA RS-X3 Puzzle - Mood 1
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It doesn’t get more colorful than the PUMA RS-X series. Inspired by the brand’s original “Running System” from the 80s and fueled with serious heritage, it’s a sneaker reimagined for today’s fans. With the PUMA RS-X3, the leaping cat took it one step further. The “X” stands for extreme and the “X3” is just much more bulky madness. The RS-X3 Puzzle is the latest iteration and it takes color blocking to the next level. Here’s everything you need to know about the RS-X3 Puzzle

The History of PUMA RS

The original RS (for Running System) was a cushioning technology introduced by PUMA in 1986 with the RS-100. It was a state-of-the-art performance running shoe with the goal of delivering comfortable running experience paired with high-tech stability. It featured a padded collar, a leather upper and of course one of the most advanced cushioning technologies.

From PUMA RS 100 to the Computer Shoe

While the RS-100 was a classic and more streamlined runner, it was followed by the RS Computer Shoe. That one was the first-ever runner with an inbuilt computing aid in the form of a computer chip built into the heel. While it only recorded distance, time and calories, it was way ahead of its time – at least when you plugged it into the likes of a Commodore 64 computer. The futuristic design of the shoe with its extruding heel unit is still part of the DNA of the RS-X series today.

The Design of the RS-X3 Puzzle

PUMA took its RS running sneakers, stripped them to its core and then added multiple layers. This way, the brand creates a contemporary bulky design that is both futuristic and classic. The reimagining of an RS sneaker is a skillful homage to the archive and the multitude of colorful patches that are extruding indeed carry the aesthetics of a puzzle. This is a nice continuation of the design ethos of the RS-X Reinvention, the RS-X Toys or the RS-X Puzzle or the Rubik’s Cube collaboration.

Release Details – PUMA RS-X3 Puzzle

The PUMA RS-X3 released on November 7, 2019 and retails 110 €. The colorway pictured here (Style: 371570_05) is available at sneaker stores around Europe and directly through PUMA.

PUMA RS-X3 Puzzle - Mood 2
PUMA RS-X3 Puzzle - Mood 5
PUMA RS-X3 Puzzle - Mood 6
PUMA RS-X3 Puzzle - Mood 4
PUMA RS-X3 Puzzle - Mood 3
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