Virgil Abloh, Travis Scott and More Re-Design White AF1s

Nike AF100 Air Force 1
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As you might have already seen by checking out the latest issue of SNEAKERS MAG, the Air Force 1 is celebrating its 35th anniversary these days. With congratulators already lining up, Nike now takes the lead and unveils one of the most outstanding collaborations on the silhouette to date.
Sourcing the shoe in its purest and most popular form, the Swoosh taps five visionaries from the fields of art and design to push the boundaries on the white-on-white Air Force 1.
Senior Creative Director Nike Sportswear and lead designer Al Baik who kicked off the Nike AF100 project explains the idea behind this project: “There is no other shoe that connects to sport, music, fashion, art, the street and the city all at the same time. The most ubiquitous Air Force 1 is the white-white.”

Nike AF100 Air Force 1 - Don C

Don C is a welcome guest at the Portland design labs as he already put his own premium twist on the Air Jordan 2. Staying true to his love for high quality fabrics, the sneaker afficionado also wanted to incorporate elements from the Air Force 2 and 3 into his project. Rolled edges and gold accents show Don C’s signature style while staying true to the shoe’s OG look to highlight its status as the grandfather of sneaker culture.

Nike AF100 Air Force 1 - Kareem Biggs Burke

Putting one of the most prominent eras for white-on-white 1s into the equation, Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder and hip hop industry legend Kareem “Biggs” Burke holds it down for La Familia and the AF1s NYC roots. His approach to Uptowns doesn’t need much more than a Roc logo on the heel counter – but sometimes it doesn’t need much more when two hip hop culture heavyweights unite.

Nike AF100 Air Force 1 - ACRONYM Errolson Hugh

Another seasoned vet when it comes to a unique approach on Nike sneakers, ACRONYM’s Errolson Hugh once again deconstructs the Lunar Force 1. For his contribution to Nike AF100, the added zipper which extends over the whole upper section represents his vision on how to improve functionality and take design to a new level.

Nike AF100 Air Force 1 - Travis Scott

Travis Scott is the single most requested guest on Complex Sneaker Shopping for a reason: the Houston native is known for pushing the boundaries and setting bold trends – whether we’re talking music or fashion. As a nod to both Scott’s energetic live performances and flashy outfit choices like his signature grills, the AF1 receives a reflective canvas binding, three customizable Velcro Swooshes and a unique Deubrè.

Nike AF100 Air Force 1 - Virgil Abloh

With his recent “The Ten” collection, OFF-WHITE’s Virgil Abloh already delivered what is easily one of the most talked about Nike collaborations of the year. To honor the white-on-white AF1’s already close-to-perfect design, Abloh doesn’t alter the silhouette too much but rather limits his input to a silver Swoosh, visible stitching and text on the side panels.

Release Details – Nike AF100

The Nike AF100 Collection retails through SNKRS and key Nike retailers at the following dates:

Nike AF100 Air Force 1 07 OFF-WHITE

Air Force 1 ’07 Off White: November 4, 2017 (only available at Complex Con)

Nike AF100 Air Force 1 07 Roc-A-Fella

Air Force 1 ’07 Roc-A-Fella: November 30, 2017

Nike AF100 Air Force 1 Hi Just Don

Air Force 1 Hi Just Don: December 1, 2017

Nike AF100 Air Force 1 Low Travis Scott

Air Force 1 Low Travis Scott: December 2, 2017

Nike AF100 Air Force 1 Lunar Force 1 ACRONYM

Lunar Force 1/Acronym ’17: December 3, 2017

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