Introduction of the Air Max 1 #throwback

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Let’s be honest: we will show you a very, very short #throwback video today. But it’s just too good as to not show it to you guys. March 2017 is more or less officially “Air Max Month” as the Air Max 1 has its 30th anniversary – nice Air Max releases are being dropped all over March, with a big BOOM on March 26 – Air Max Day!

Therefore, we want to go “back to the roots” and show you a huge piece of sneaker history! It’s a classic TV ad from 1987 that introduces the Air Max 1 at Foot Locker – amazing! 39 seconds of pure running and sneaker history!

Wanna’ see more about the Air Max 1? Here’s an alternative take on the history of Air Max by Kurupt FM and here’s our latest post about the Nike Air Max 1 OG that’s releasing today!

Enjoy – the introduction of the Air Max 1!

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