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It’s official: We’re no longer running a print magazine. After ten years in the business and having just launched our anniversary issue, we have made the decision to focus our energy on our existing digital channels. The March issue with the Nite Jogger cover and its dedicated Augmented Reality app is the final one. We wanted to leave print as proud as we started and with a highlight, and one that symbolizes our way into the future.

Although this is not a surprising move in 2019, we would like to share some insights into our reasons and thoughts behind it.

  1. High-frequency everything: Trends don’t last as long they did a few years ago. This is why sneaker brands release their products in a higher frequency than a decade ago. In order to channel the attention on the right shoes at exactly the right time, all our partner brands create specific horizons when they want media to report. Since we want to deliver fresh content and work together with our brands, digital is the way to go and we’ve been doing so for a long time, parallel to print.
  2. Today’s attention span: Print is linear and contains lengthy articles, while the global attention span is narrowing. This doesn’t mean that no one is reading anymore, but we’re all reading more things for shorter periods of time. Because the primary purpose of a magazine must be to dive deeper into subjects, we must acknowledge that fewer people are actually reading it, especially in one package. We still want to deliver deep content but in a different format.
  3. We want to focus on innovative digital content: While there are still reasons to print and it may be the right thing for others, we want to focus our resources to create digital content that sets itself apart. In the last few years, we have explored videos, apps, viral content, social media campaigns or augmented reality. We want to create more of these new things and less things we’ve already done and repeated before.
  4. The digital mindset: It’s 2019 and your smartphone is the key to your life and your one-stop source of information. While millennials, born in the 1990s, have grown up with print and have transitioned to mobile over two decades, the next generation has a digital mindset. This is why we focus our energy on the most important channels for today and tomorrow.

Our past print issues will remain in our store for a limited time. If you have a subscription running, you don’t have to do anything. You will be reimbursed automatically over the next two months. If you have any questions, drop us a line.









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