9 Signs You’re Too Old to Be a Sneakerhead

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Before you start hating us, please let us say that we appreciate everyone in the sneaker community, no matter what age, sex or religion. If you have the passion, stick to it. But if there’s one thing we can’t stop, it’s you getting older! And maybe one day you will question yourself and whether you should still be part of the game. If that’s the case, here’s a little check list for you – 9 signs showing that you’re slowly growing out of it.

1. You’re grumpy

You’ve seen it all, but somehow feel like no one gives a shit about you anymore. You start hating on the young generation that gets all the attention for things you don’t understand or appreciate. You don’t get Snapchat or these ridiculous Yeezy raffles and your contributions on social media are pure hatred – just because you can’t stand it anymore. Face it, you might be growing old. Too old?

2. Your taste is stuck in time

Most people’s tastes develop over time! Whatever it was last year, it might be something else now – Ultraboosts uncaged maybe? But from a certain age, you just stick to what you know. And if you have no development whatsoever and still love that same stuff day in, day out, there’s nothing wrong with you! But one thing is certain – age is kicking in!

3. You question your storage options

This is a classic! You’ve lived in that same apartment for ages but now you can’t accept the fact that almost half of your living space is dedicated to shoes. Whether you’re married or have kids, your priorities will change. Now you’re trying to get rid of parts of your collection to make space. Another sign you’re getting old? Let’s be honest here.

4. You can talk about nothing but old times

Yeah, it was super great when you could get the latest collabo without camping. And yes, it was unbelievable when no one understood your AM1 game back in 2000. And when you had to ring your local sports dealer on the phone, pre-Internet … phew. You know what, if your stories are getting repetitive, there’s nothing to worry about. But could it be a sign of getting older?

5. You don’t have time anymore

Once you get older, everything gets more precious. Time is on top of the list. If you want to spend it with your new girlfriend, maybe even kids or going hiking, you obviously have no time digging for kicks or doing trades 24/7. Nothing bad about this one, again, but it’s obviously sign number 5.

6. You don’t like spending all your money on shoes anymore

The good news is: everything about that statement is reasonable. You’re finally making sense – economically! But you know what, that’s the difference between a young sneakerhead and a wise old man. Time to make a choice?

7. You’re becoming intolerant

This is a side effect of you being grumpy.In your ideal world, everything would be as it was back in 2005. But because that damn clock just keeps on ticking, you’re confronted with more and more oft hat „new stuff“. You have lists of intolerable trends in the back of your head and you’ve become an online police, persistently pointing out the flaws.

8. Your collection is dropping in value

Well, your taste being somehow stuck in the past means your entire collection is now worth a fraction of what it used to be. Yes, we all remember how hot your Nike SB Dunk collection was in 2008. It kinda still is, but you know … Yeezys, Ultraboosts, Sock Darts … Maybe you’ll just wait until the cycle begins again – or realize that you’re getting older.

9. You’re starting to have a life

Whatever it is you have going on – sports, a lady, kids, vacations, family time or even friends outside of the sneaker community – this is great news for your personal development! But remember that it will also tell something about you not being the sneakerhead of the good old days anymore. No problem with that, but face it: You’re getting old.


Illustration: Peter O’Toole

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