How Dead Stock Rediscovered the Nike Air Force 1

35 Years of Nike Air Force 1 - Dead Stock Sneakerblog
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Chris covers a huge variety of different kicks on his acclaimed Dead Stock Sneakerblog – and his personal taste is just as diverse. So while the German’s love for Air Force 1s isn’t exclusive, he’ll still appreciate a good pair at any time.

Christopher, you’re not known for being a die-hard Air Force fan and rather rediscovered the shoe for yourself in the more recent past. Can you tell us a little bit about your connection with the shoe?
Actually I’ve owned one or the other Air Force during my teenage years. It just wasn’t one of my favorites though, as the silhouette is rather bulky. And with my wearing a size US 11.5 it’s really hard to combine the shoe, especially when it comes to some more tight jeans. But luckily the current trend kind of changed that, because it’s leaning towards oversized and baggy styles again.

So what are you favorite AF1s right now?
Right now I’m wearing the Supreme x CDG Air Force 1 on the regular. Another model I like is a personalized NIKEiD version with a camouflage design.

What’s the perfect fit for this shoe?
Track suits, jogger pants and pusher bags! Your typical kind of street fashion basically.

35 Years of Nike Air Force 1 - Dead Stock Sneakerblog (Heel)

Chris with a black pair from the NBA Collection

Do you care about a shoe’s actual performance history in general?
I used to skate a lot as a teenager, so I also needed some proper skate shoes back then. I also was on a basketball team and set great store by my footwear choices there. So to me it’s definitely important that a shoe is from the right category with a corresponding DNA.

By running Dead Stock Sneakerblog, you’re getting around quite a bit and meet different characters in sneaker culture. To you, what are some of the major differences between generations in terms of the Air Force 1?
The older generation surely is rooted in hip hop and rap culture. But by now, the Air Force has also become a staple in streetwear and fashion. The most recent collabs already indicated where the journey is headed: Supreme, CDG, OFF-WHITE. That’s the kind of direction for the Air Force 1 I think.

So you’re feeling like this shoe is here to stay?
The Air Force 1 is a timeless classic from my point of view. So I would be surprised if we were NOT to see it on the streets anymore in 15 years from now.

35 Years of Nike Air Force 1 - Dead Stock Sneakerblog (On feet)

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