Rapper Cro Told Us What He Loves About the Air Force 1

35 Years of Nike Air Force 1 - Cro (On feet)
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Equipped with a panda mask and an unerring instinct for catchiness, Cro established his own genre “Raop” and rose to become one of the most successful German hip hop artists of the past 5 years. On top of that, he’s widely credited for setting off the latest renaissance of white-on-white Air Forces. So we had to find out where this influencer drew his influences from.

Carlo, what role did basketball play in your life? You’re hanging out at b-ball courts in some of your videos – do you also play yourself?
I always had a thing for basketball und used to shoot hoops quiet a lot. Never with any real ambitions, just for the fun of it – and I still do that. We even had a portable hoop with us on our last major tour.

Did basketball also have an influence on your sneaker choices? Do you prefer basketball kicks, like Air Forces or Jordans?
Maybe subconsciously. I certainly do love the Air Force 1. Every now and then Jordans are nice too, but I wear them rather rarely.

What do you personally like about the Air Force 1? Do you care about the whole history or is it mostly the look of the shoe itself?
The history isn’t that important to me. I like the clean and simple design, the way they feel when you put them on your feet… everything basically. Even the smell when you’re unboxing a new AF1, I think that’s dope! Most of all, I like the clean ones in all-white.

Classic! What kind of outfits to you like to combine with a pair of AF1s? Any style tips?
Depends on my mood, but like I said, they go with basically anything.

35 Years of Nike Air Force 1 - Cro

Cro’s footwear choice: the green pair from the NBA Collection

You also just put out your latest album „tru.“ in September. How important is this record to you as an artist?
The new album is really important to me. I’ve put both a lot of love and pain into making this one. I wanted to make a record and be 100 % happy with it, so accordingly everything had to be perfect. I always was looking for better words, better drums, getting the right arrangement done and all that.

Well worth it though. So what’s next for you?
A lot of interviews, travelling and hopefully also a little time off, somewhere where it’s sunny. But for now, I’m really looking forward to being on the road again and playing live. I’ve been stuck in my basement writing and producing for way too long now.

Now you heard it from Cro – read more about the 35 year story of the Nike Air Force 1 and check out our interviews with four more AF1 fans!

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