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C1RCA Presents launched in 2000 and grew to become an international music community. C1RCA introduced artists and toured well-known legends in what became a partnership with independent promoters around the globe.

The Presents campaign often crossed over to other mediums, with live art, painted shoes, graphic art and design becoming part and parcel of the community that was built around helping to promote the independent scene. As new people got involved with the brand and brought new flavors to the mix, C1RCA branched out by getting involved with photographers, indy bands, fundraisers and charities.

Culture Squad is a celebration of these relationships—some new, some going on 10 years. The program aims to promote our friends in all cultural fields while bringing something special to the plate, as some of the projects have royalites that go directly to specific charities around the world.

The C1RCA Culture Squad for Spring 2010 consists of Christopher Bettig, Ruben Sanchez, Daniella Renee & Rob Dyer S4C.

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