Aglet Is the Sneaker Gaming App You Need on Your Phone

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When people ask you why you own more sneakers than necessary (you do, let’s be real), a couple of things come to mind. The special attraction of the hunt for a coveted model. The strong sense of community. And last but not least: the feeling of stepping out in a fresh pair of your favorite kicks. As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to limit our freedom of movement, we can’t experience a lot of these factors at the moment though. But Aglet might be able to fill the void – now and beyond the current crisis.

How It Works

The mobile app provides users with the chance of going on an in-game shopping spree like rappers and athletes do at Flight Club. “Aglet” is not only the application’s name, but also that of the virtual currency. Every user starts with one of three basic pairs – you may remember a similar situation from your first visit at Professor Oak’s house. As you wear these digital sneakers while making moves in the real world, you start to earn Aglet. The amount is based on the rarity of the sneakers you’re wearing in the app: an Air Force 1 will earn you about 40 Aglet per 1000 steps, but a Yeezy 380 already gives you around 1300 for the same distance. the different models are seperated into Tiers, going from 5 (general releases) to 0 (grails like the Nike MAG).

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Explore Your World

As you continue to wear your virtual kicks, they start to wear off and need to be repaired. This is where Recharge and Deadstock stations come into play. They are located at at coffeeshops, landmarks or even retail stores – giving sneaker shops and brands a great opportunity to connect with their fanbase. In addition, you may come across so-called sneakerboxes while exploring the world and find in-game currency, a new virtual sneaker, or even a holy grail – virtual or real. Yes, a real sneaker! A feature that comes in handy during Corona quarantine is the app’s Ghost Mode. This way, you can roam Google Maps for sneakerboxes from the comfort of your own home. The only difference is that you need to solve a task to claim your prize, like proving your sneaker knowledge.

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Aglet - Mobile Sneaker App (3)

Shop Digital Drops

The Aglet Sneaker Shop (ASS) is where you can spend your in-app money to expand your virtual collection. There will be releases parallel to the real world but also ones from the app’s own schedule. On top of that, the developers will partner with brands to host product launches for them – so holding on to the app might also pay off in the real world. Besides taking actual steps, you can also earn Aglet by referring the app to friends. And of course there’s a shortcut by purchasing Gold Aglet with actual money and trading them in for certain sneakers. Because, as the developers said it best: “Sometimes you just gotta have the sneaker. We get it.”

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Connect With the Community

The last big feature of Aglet is the opportunity to trade virtual trainers with your friends and it works just like in real life. The in-game trading platform let’s you buy, sell and trade trade with anyone else, at whatever cost you agree on. There are also certain 1-of-1 sneakers in the game like Steve Jobs’ New Balance sneakers or Neil Armstrong’s moon boots – those will definitely fill up your Aglet bank account in no time.

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Launch Details – Aglet

Aglet releases on April 12, 2020 for iOS devices – you can now sign up at the application’s website to receive updates. An Android app is in the works and launches in the next couple of months.

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