adidas MYSHELTER Meets Photographer Philipp Gladsome

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When you’ve paid close attention to the growing urban outdoor trend, you’ve noticed how adidas has caught lots of attention with the Terrex Free Hiker – a functional piece of footwear with the look of a sneaker. A similar approach is behind MYSHELTER, a jacket range from adidas that launches in Fall/ Winter ‘19. It’s all about functional jackets designed for the city and it starts with the adidas MYSHELTER Rain Jacket. The MYSHELTER Rain Jacket has loads of tech features designed to keep you dry (and stylish) such as fully sealed seams, a high collar connected to an adjustable hood, a breathable membrane and really nice carry-on straps. It is made for everyday life, empowering young urban creators to leave the indoors behind and explore their city in any weather.

adidas MYSHELTER - Philipp Gladsome 2
adidas MYSHELTER - Philipp Gladsome 3

But because we think of a jacket as something much more than a list of features, we’ve decided to put it to the ultimate test. And who’s better for a jacket test than a true creator? We’ve hooked up with the amazing photographer Philipp Gladsome, who tested this yellow second skin for a night in Berlin. Together with his friend and fellow shooter Fr1tz, he documented the process and was kind enough to answer a few questions below.

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Release Details – adidas MYSHELTER Rain Jacket

The adidas MYSHELTER rain jacket is available from September 2, 2019 for 200€. It launches online via

All images by Fr1tz for Sneakersmag.

Interview – Philipp talks photography, travelling and the adidas MYSHELTER

Philipp, what has triggered your interest in photography in the first place?
I actually started organizing parties in my hometown of Chemnitz. I had a lot of time on my hands and at some point, I wanted to document what was around me, I also bought a camera my dad used to take pictures with, a Praktica MTL 5B. Another early memory was how the mother of a friend used to take portraits of her whole circle of friends. That inspired me a lot. I’m an oblivious person, so images are my memory.

adidas MYSHELTER - Philipp Gladsome 5
adidas MYSHELTER - Philipp Gladsome 6

When did music photography come into the picture? Did that evolve from party photos?
It was just something I started with my friends. Having grown up in a very creative environment, some of my friends were musicians, for instance the people behind the band Kraftklub. Actually, when we started shooting they weren’t even officially a band yet. But they quickly became well known.

Very nice – and that explains your love for both people photography and analogue cameras.
Absolutely. Although analogue photography has always been there for me. But I’m using it a lot more now than before.

adidas MYSHELTER - Philipp Gladsome 7

Traveling was also a consequence of your photography. How did that evolve?
My first international job was with MC Fitti and I went to Los Angeles with him. It was only then that I realized how much I love traveling the world and also opening my eyes for other cultures. It just wasn’t on my radar before.

Speaking of traveling, are you a minimalist packer?
Well, I do like to think of myself as one, but in the end, I keep catching myself as I grab three pairs of shoes, two jackets and all that, because I want to be prepared for everything. But then again, at least I try!

That means function does play a role for you?
Yes, of course. I don’t want to be the idiot with no gear when it rains. I need products with performance and style that work in any situation.

adidas MYSHELTER - Philipp Gladsome 8
adidas MYSHELTER - Philipp Gladsome 9

How did the MYSHELTER jacket perform for you when you tried it?
Yes, it absolutely performed well. I found it really nice because it can do more than look good. There’s the hood that you can stuff into the collar, the carrier straps are nice, and I only realized after the shoot how useful they can be because you can just let the jacket hang. We also tested the waterproofness, which worked fine.

What can we expect from you in the near future?
There are a few things I’m looking forward to. There’s a tour with Robin Schulz through the US and I’m also coming to Brazil with him. And at the end of the year I’m planning to put together a book. It’s obviously every photographer’s dream and I’m still trying to find the right angle. It will be the ten-year anniversary of my photography.

Philipp, thanks for the interview and all the best for the future.

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