Disruptively Simple – An Interview with Morgan Boeri

adidas Deerupt - Vice President of Product Footwear Morgan Boeri (Interview) - Title
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Without a doubt, adidas had an incredible run for the past few years. Spearheaded by footwear icons such as Stan Smith, Superstar, NMD and of course Boost technology, the brand has shaken the footwear industry. Now it’s time to flip another page and that’s why we were in Paris to see the unveiling of an entirely new silhouette – the Deerupt runner. It’s brand-new, it’s different and it’s simple.  And while the sneaker community is still discussing the looks, we’re interviewing the Vice President of Product Footwear Morgan Boeri. Here are five questions about #deerupt.

Morgan, the shoe is all about the “grid”. Why is the web structure important enough to make it the center of the concept?
Back in the day, the web on the midsole of the New York or Marathon was a truly new sports technology. The web is based on the physical law that for every action, you have to have an opposite and equal reaction. When it was invented in the 1980s, the idea was, when the energy from the impact goes down, the web also sends it sideways. That means you have less fatigue and you can run faster. So it was a proper running technology – not just a gimmick.

adidas Deerupt - Vice President of Product Footwear Morgan Boeri (Interview) - Paris Release Event

What kind of a consumer do you have in mind for the Deerupt Runner?
With Deerupt we are looking for somebody who is more interested in new aesthetics. With a more minimalistic and sophisticated approach to design. That’s the guy or the girl who potentially was into the Stan Smith when we brought it back in 2014 – people with very minimalistic outfits who want to use footwear as a statement. It’s the kind of girls you see in Paris during Fashion Week.

Why did the launch event take place in Paris?
We are in Paris because we want to play with art, design and architecture. What all these elements and installations in Paris have in common is to play with the grid. It’s the idea of playing with surfaces. When you move your feet, you can also see the web moving and so it’s not just an aesthetic but also goes with the philosophy of the shoe – playing with the surface.

Why does the shoe cost just below 100€?
The ambition with that shoe is to be more democratic. We wanted to be connected to a broader consumer, also kids, and not everyone has the money to buy the €180 Energy Primeknits. We wanted to be more democratic and also play with colors.

adidas Deerupt - Vice President of Product Footwear Morgan Boeri (Interview) - Mood

What are you most proud of when you look at what you’ve done with #deerupt?
I like that we took one simple idea and extended it to the extreme. We could have just taken the web and just put it on the outsole. But we wanted to be bold and do something different. I really like the idea of taking a concept from back in the days and pushing it to the max. I’m pretty proud of that.

Now make sure to read up on these 5 facts to know about the adidas Deerupt.

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