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With all the talk about trends, colorways, and collabos it’s easy to forget that shoes also play a major part in athletic performance. For world-class runners looking to break world records – and run a marathon in under two hours – adidas has designed the new adizero Sub2 running shoe.

Right now, only one pair of adizero Sub2 shoes exist – in a certified fire Energy Blue colorway – owned and worn by world famous runner Wilson Kipsang from Kenya. But adidas has already promised releasing the adizero Sub2 to the public later this year.

What can athletes look forward to in this shoe? adidas went deep into their R&D think tank to create a technology platform for the world’s fastest running shoes. Innovations include the brand’s lightest-ever foam, called Boost Light, with outstanding energy return on different types of surfaces.

The upper is crafted from a single layer of mesh fabric with internal reinforcements and added support from Microfit. On the outsole, a technology called Continental Microgrip – an evolution of Stretchweb – delivers road-hugging traction.

As mentioned before, the motivation behind the shoe lies in a current push among marathon runners to break an important barrier: Running a marathon under two hours. Right now, the world record for the fastest marathon stands at 02:02:57 – which adidas wants to change with the Sub2 program, combining research and athlete-driven feedback into next-generation products.

Several shoe manufacturers are trying to give runners that extra edge with next-level footwear designs. Nike has already introduced the Zoom Vaporfly Elite concept shoe that’s not yet available to the public but being tested by some of the world’s fastest runners in the Nike Breaking2 program.

The adizero Sub2 premiered on the world stage in February at the Tokyo Marathon, where Wilson Kipsang set out to break the world record – and finish under two hours – but ended up at 2:03:58 (he still won, though).

“I have a great history with adidas and it’s an honour to be the first person to wear the adizero Sub2,” said Wilson Kipsang, who also worked on developing the Boost Light sole featured in the shoe.

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