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World champion footballer Mats Hummels on sneakers, adidas, and the importance of having great-looking shoes on the pitch.

Professional footballers are in a premium position to become sneaker fans. Out on the pitch, they practically look at their feet all the time, while constantly putting their shoes to the most demanding performance tests. When their obsession with footwear translates into the “real world,” most pro footballers can also count on their sponsors make even the rarest of kicks appear at will. This is the case for Mats Hummels, central defender for FC Bayern Munich and official pro athlete for adidas. In our interview, we asked the 2014 World Champion, who loves playing the ACE16 from the Stellar Pack, about the perks of endorsing the Three Stripes and his personal connection to the brand.

Mats, welcome to Sneakers Magazine. You’re one of the world’s best central defenders. What does a football boot have to be like in order to be perfect for you?

I think comfort is definitely key, the shoe has to fit perfectly because you have to rely on it every second of the 90 minutes. Being able to do that helps me concentrate on what matters most – the game.

So which one are you wearing on the pitch?

Right now I chose the ACE 16 from the Stellar Pack. The upper is extremely soft, which is great for ball control and passing. The shoes are also getting more comfortable every year. This one extremely so, thanks to the stretch material and sock-like entry.

Just how important are the looks of a shoe for someone like you? Does it matter when you’re so focused on the game?

To be honest, it’s super important, almost for every player nowadays. And it’s always a hot topic in the changing room. I’m into bright shoes, which is why I’m super happy with so much white in the new ACE 16 from the Stellar Pack.


You obviously wear sneakers off the pitch too. What are you into? 

I love good-looking sneakers and I’m into matching them with my outfit. I like wearing the Stan Smith, for instance, which you can wear with almost anything. Everything that adidas has released recently was on point, the NMD or Ultra Boosts – just very clean-looking and extremely comfortable.

What’s your favorite sneaker right now?

I would go for the Stan Smith Primeknit in white. It’s a perfect summer shoe.

Is there something like an all-time classic that you remember from your early days?

Classic white Superstars with black stripes.

Your sponsor adidas is more than a sports brand. What’s your personal connection to the Three Stripes?

I’ve been wearing adidas ever since my childhood. And later, in my professional career, adidas became my reliable partner and equipment supplier. To me, adidas is synonymous with football.

Mats, thank you for this interview and keep up the amazing leve

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