9 Reasons to Burn Your Sneaker Collection

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Please don’t commit suicide at this point. We don’t mean this literally – not necessarily. Please keep on collecting because you’re passionate about it – we do the same. But we want to make a point and if you think about it, every argument makes sense. In case you should really try to burn your entire collection, be careful, take all the important precautions and don’t burn it at home. Or even better: just send it to us. We can even come to pick it up. (Header illustration: Josh Parkin)


  1. Sneakers are no long-term investment. Yes that’s absolutely right. Some people like this guy argue that the sneaker market is just like the stock market and shoes are a perfect investment. But to be honest, stocks are far easier to pick than shoes! Because let’s be honest, this is about trends and they are known to change in the blink of an eye. Kanye just wore Karhu and they’re a big thing now. NMD’s turned the sneaker game upside down in a minute – what’s next?

Some sneakers can be a good investment – but who knows what’s coming next year?

  1. Sneakers are going to fall apart. Well, quite literally so, or rather they’ll be crumbling. Polyurethane (PU), which is often used for shock absorption in the mid sole has a certain lifespan. Maybe you can get over it when your shoes are turning yellow, but what about them actually falling apart? Remember when Nike collector Jordan Geller sold most of his enormous collection on eBay? He made a video giving three reasons – two have to do with PU’s limited shelf life.

Crumbling – that term also applies to the price if you want to sell your vintage stock

  1. It’s not special anymore. 15 years ago you were really special. Doing a crazy thing as collecting sneakers? That really set you apart from the rest. But times are known to be a-changin’ and nowadays sneakers are part of mainstream culture. Ikea is even targeting sneakerheads in their adverts. Everyone is collecting sneakers nowadays – and his mother, too.

What the fuck has happened?

  1. You can’t have them all anyway. Back in the day, the number of legit releases was small and you could fulfill your inner desire to have your collection close to “complete” – at least in your favorite area of expertise. Now the sheer number of shoes dropping each month is insane. We need entire websites like The Drop Date to order the chaos. You can’t have them all anyway – why try?

You can’t have them all. Not even Jordan Geller was able to …

  1. Not collecting is really smart – financially. This argument is kind of sad because the pill is so hard to swallow. Your whole habit of collecting is financial suicide. Besides paying for overpriced shoes, you’re dedicating a large part of your living space to it. You’re actually paying rent to just look at your shoes. You could do something else with your money, like going on fancy holidays. Or you could collect something tiny such as Rolex. At least that’s saving some space.

Maybe don’t burn it altogether…

  1. There are more important things. This one’s really mean. But there’s some truth to it. As you grow up, your values are shifting. Away from consumption towards things such as family time or playing golf. Hey, if that’s the case, why waste all your available resources towards your sneaker goals now?

Kids, it’s not all about sneakers!

  1. Releases are insane. They really are. Or have become. They used to be a relaxed get-together where like-minded connoisseurs met to exchange opinions. Now look at the misery: So called sneakerheads paying unemployed people to do campouts for them, just to get the shoes and sell them the next day. This is nuts and will continue to be even more nuts in the near future.

 Releases in 2030 – how crazy will it become?

  1. Prices are insane. Most of the highly priced sneakers are not “valuable” in the true sense. They are not expensive because the design has never been done before, or because of a crazy new shock absorbing material or breathable uppers. They are just pricey due to artificial shortage. Brands put out a limited amount of shoes with a high price tag just for the sake of it. So if you’re burning your money, why not burn all your shoes as well?

High-price sneaker game – better left to millionaire-heads?

  1. Retro releases are killing the game. No, actually retros are fine because they allow youngsters to enjoy a release that they missed just because it was before their time. Air Max 1? Who was seriously around in 1987? But then again, retro releases are coming quicker and quicker and not all of them are bad. They are contributing in the price decline we mentioned earlier.NMD OG – Originally released in 2016, the retro came out in 2016






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