7 Ways to Find Great Sneaker Bargains

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Let’s start with this: we all love sneakers and at least most of us love to buy (too) many of them. That can be very expensive, especially in months with big releases, take the Air Max Month for example. How about some advice on how to save money buying kicks? It’s always nice to save some bucks on the latest pair, so we summed up some ideas on how to buy sneakers on the low. Some of them will help you get recent releases for a good price, others are dedicated to bargains in general. All of them are without any warranty. (Illustration by @joshparkyart)

Here we go – 7 Ways to Find Great Sneaker Bargains – the Best Sneaker Deals

  • Steady coupons: especially the big brands always have coupons to give away. For some brands, take Reebok and adidas for example, you’ll get a discount if you subscribe to their newsletter – 15% discount. Nike offers a 5% discount on some products through the so-called „pulse codes“ (notice: pulse code were 20%, but they changed that. You can still find some on eBay, but we can’t recommend it because there are scammers out there who sell fake vouchers!). With every purchase (in the outlet), you can take part in a survey and get a 5% discount in reward. Doesn’t sound bad, does it?


  • Unsteady coupons: many shops, especially the indepentant sneaker stores, offer discount codes on an irregular base, mostly for special occasions such as big sports events, holidays or anniversaries for example. Sometimes they also just want to get rid of their remaining stuff to make room for new deliveries of shoes. hhv.de offers 20% off on all streetwear pieces and sneakers (not on their sale section) until June 5 with the code: longwknd20. (pic via savvyseller)


  • Be a steady customer at your local store: this is perhaps the best and most important hint, almost a lesson. Support your local store through buying your kicks there and in most cases, you’ll get a discount on your future purchases. Sometimes you just have to ask for a discount, especially when buying more than one pair – don’t hesitate to ask. Your local store will appreciate your support! (pic via Asphaltgold Sneakerstore)


  • Cashback: Nowadays, there’s a number of cashback programes that can help you to get a little discount or reward when buying sneakers online. Payback is one of them, offering cashback on purchases at adidas for example – sometimes you can even save double if you use a discount code on top. SHOOP is a cashback programe for Nike – you can get up to 15%.


  • Try out unusual shops: it’s always important to support the local store. But sometimes they’re just sold out, don’t have the special colorway or you live far away of the store. In that case, try to go the unusual way. Check out smaller shops in neighboring countries (usually shipping isn’t that high), not every country has a big sneaker hype going on. Some of the stores also tend to go on sale pretty early so that you might make a bargain. Also shops such as Paul’s Boutique in Berlin and other vintage stores can be a great deal – sometimes they have real gems to offer, sometimes even not so old releases in good condition and for a good price. (pic by Paul’s Boutique)


  • Use social networks & events: You’ll need some luck, but it’s definitely no magic. Search for the recently released shoes you want via eBay, Klekt or various facebook groups. Often, people buy kicks on the first days after the release, wear them for a few times and then sell them because of various reasons. You won’t pay retail, as long as they’re not highly limited or overhyped. Also trying out special sneaker search engines can be a good idea. Pages such as Everysize or Searchin.it – they have high numbers of kicks listed in their system – perhaps the shoe you want is already on sale or at least still available in some place. Also sneaker events are often good to find a bargain. Most attending shops will bring their sale section and or give special event discounts, even on recent releases!


  • Try Outlet Shopping: does this sound stupid? Why? The last months prove that sometimes even limited and rare kicks ended up in the outlets, sometimes nobody knew why. We heard stories of Nike Spiridon OG Retros, Reebok x Solebox collabs, cancelled adidas Superstar Boost samples and even some pairs of the Nike SB x Supreme Blazers being found in some outlets. So why not check it out once in a while. (via Outletbande)


7 Ways to Find Great Sneaker Bargains



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