24 Kilates x Diadora N9000 “Sol”

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It seems that our good friends from 24 Kilates in Barcelona are something like workaholics. Collabo after collabo … check out the 24 Kilates store check (incl. all collaboration projects) here. Starting at page 109.

The materials used for the upcoming 24 Kilates x Diadora N9000 “Sol y Sombra” pack are top notch quality and they’re Made in Italy. “We’ve chosen on this occasion to juggle with the meaning of the words Sun and Shadow, the two different allocation areas in a bullfighting arena – on these events you can purchase seats on Sol (Sun area), on Sombra (Shadow area) or mixed Sol & Sombra. The later is the favourite zone of the area for the finest experts due to its exceptional location. On these seats, their buyers will enjoy the sunlight at the beginning of the festival and as the time goes by in the afternoon they will end up watching under a pleasant cool shade. The second meaning of Sol y Sombra comes directly from another traditional Spanish item: the alcoholic drink that mixes cognac (shadow) and anisette (sun). It’s a classic cocktail which is very popular in most of the regions in our country and an usual drink in the old school and more popular bars.”

The 24 Kilates x Diadora N9000 “Sol” will be available instore and online on November 15. One month later the “Sombra” will hit the stores (December 13).









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