15 Sneaker Instagram Accounts to Follow Right Now

15 Sneaker Instagram Accounts
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The sneaker community on Instagram is huge, so it can pretty tough to keep track of who to follow. Of course, there are many bloggers that most of us are familiar with, but sometimes it’s more interesting to follow smaller accounts by passionate people from the Instagram sneaker community. So, are you bored of what you see, when you open the app? Need some inspiration? Here’s a little round-up of some accounts worth checking out, both small and huge.

By Sebastian Nicu


During the last few years, Anna went from GEL-LYTE Girl to fashion killer. If we had to describe her style, we’d say it’s the perfect mix of skate, punk and cow patterns, rounded up with a nice pair of kicks. Without a doubt, both men and women can find outfit inspiration by scrolling down her feed.


What used to be the godfather of pinrolls, camp caps, oxford shirts and expensive Asics collabo sneakers, can now best described as a German ninja – or the master of lowkey flex. To the basic sneaker and streetwear enthusiast, he is just a dude with black jackets and baggy trousers. But there’s a lot more than what meets the eye. You won’t find huge logos or hyped brands in Adrian’s content: Instead you will see high tech jackets that will lead you through Japan’s toughest monsoons, loads of ramen and a unique mix of western and eastern style.


For many people, their sneaker love is connected to skateboarding and the Nike SB shoe line. One of those is Nate from Glasgow. Whether it’s the infamous City Series, a vintage Supreme collaboration or a random pro model by Paul Rodriguez – you name the Nike SB shoe and it’s part of his collection. There’s a good reason he did #365ofnikesb a few years back. Kudos for wearing every pair he owns.


Does this guy even need an introduction? O.G. Berliner Atze. Two adidas collaborations. Insane collection of (vintage) adidas trainers. The most beautiful Mercedes in Prenzlauer Berg. Features in mainstream media and Sneakers Mag. Connections to every collector in the world. If you haven’t heard of him yet, you have to get familiar with this charming man. Maybe he can teach you something about the good old days in P’Berg, the beginnings of the infamous Paul’s Boutique and – of course – food.


A guy who’s into trainers and beer? We‘re all ears. If you’re into casual culture, nice jackets and the adidas SPEZIAL series, you should give this clobber a follow. One might think that this fellow is from England, due to his fashion sense. But in fact, he’s from a city which is also well-known for their football team: Munich, which by the way is not too far away from Herzogenaurach, where adidas was born. And it’s also a great place for everybody who enjoys beer, so there you have it: trainers and beer.


Was Ernie the first guy to collect trainers in Germany? We don’t think so. But this geezer has been around longer than some of us have been alive. He doesn’t care about trends or hypes at all. All he cares about is the adidas Rivalry. And some other basketball kicks including Ewings, Dunks and Jordans. With his shoes, he keeps it like with wine: The older, the better. If you’re into runners, you should avoid this guy, because you will never ever see him with such a silhouette on his feet.


Llalla is the kind of English teacher that many would have dreamt of. With her great taste in music and her love for Nike and sportswear, she brings New York’s flavour to Paris’ high schools. With her insane swoosh collection that dates back a few decades, it’s no surprise that the brand from Beaverton decided to make her a part of the Masters of Air campaign in 2016, where she co-designed the Nike Air Max 1 Master, a favorite among collectors.


A few years ago, it seemed like everyone and their mother got into illustrating sneakers and selling posters. But Kwills is a true O.G., as he was one of the first people to do it and uses an unmistakable style that goes way beyond a profile of a hyped Nike Air Max. Although his recent drawings include many different themes, it’s still obvious that his roots are in sneakers and streetwear.


Tahsin is one of Instagram’s favorite resellers. But you won’t find recent hype releases on his page. Instead, you can buy a nice selection of trainers from Nike’s golden era for fair prices. The reputable seller has been in the game for very long, so the next time you’re looking for a nice atmos collab, try looking for it here. This U.K. based seller might have your size.


It’s not all about Nike and adidas! Rob’s a simple man and therefore goes for New Balance most of the time. He’s a really passionate collector, that’s why he started his own brand for cleaning solutions and co-owns another Instagram dedicated to his favorite sneaker brand: @newbalance_gallery. If you’re hip to the color grey, you’re going to really enjoy his posts.


When The Basement was founded, nobody would have thought that this Facebook group about streetwear would ever blow up like this. Nowadays, it’s a huge brand with two Nike collabs on its CV. Paolo from London is one of the young men, who started the movement. By looking at his pictures, you realize that he really does it for the culture. His sneaker collection is pretty diverse and he knows how to combine his clothes. What’s also interesting about him is, how he keeps on sharing The Basement’s projects he’s involved in with his followers.


Aljoscha, General Manager at solebox, is always on the road. He shares many insights from fashion events from all over the world with his community, so don’t be sad if you can’t make it to the most important events. Just look at his stories. His sneaker game consists of a nice mix of golden era Nike SB Dunks and recent releases. Aljoscha also likes to tease upcoming solebox projects, so you should give him a follow to stay tuned.


As a fan of the brand with the three stripes, you should check this guy out. Most recently, he was the driving force behind the adidas x Paulaner Oktoberfest package, so you can be sure he likes his shoes to tell stories. So if you want some background knowledge or want to find out what happens next, give Julian a follow.


This fella does it for the love of the game. No selling, no bullshit, just shoes and their stories. With his unique collection of rare and vintage Nikes, he could have as well named his account Nikepedia, because he knows everything about the stuff he’s posting. Where else would you read a whole paragraph about the Nike B branding, they used during the early 2000’s.

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