10 Facts You Didn’t Know About the adidas EQT BVG

adidas EQT Support 93 Berlin BVG - Side
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Phew – the release of the much talked about adidas BVG collaboration went down on January 16 and let us just say this: the hype was real! People started camping out in front of Overkill’s Kreuzerg store several days ahead and when the adidas EQT Support 93/Berlin finally launched, a batallion of international media outlets from german newspapers and TV stations to even the venerable Guardian from UK showed up to cover the event. With the train ticket trainers receiving this kind of attention and selling out immediatly, one guy was just as happy as the lucky sneakerheads who were able to cop a pair: Till Jagla. The Global Senior Director of adidas Originals Footwear Concepts is the mastermind behind this unique project and we had a chance to chat with him and Overkill CEO Marc Leuschner during the release. So without further ado, here are 10 things you didn’t know about the adidas BVG EQT Support 93/Berlin!

adidas BVG EQT Support 93 Berlin - Release

1. A popular pattern
The camouflage pattern of the Berlin subway was already one of the most requested motives for the ZX Flux photo app launched in 2014 – but had to be declined every time for legal reasons.

2. BVG bargain
The shoe is a massive discount if you use it as a regular train ticket. The average price for a year’s subscription is between 500 and 700 Euro.

3. No long talk
It was a quick decision. When adidas asked the BVG to do a shoe that was also a train ticket, it took no more than one meeting to agree – they instantly said yes.

4. 90 years of BVG
The BVG, Berlin’s local traffic network, has its 90th anniversary in 2018.

5. Love and hate
The BVG has launched some of the most creative social media campaigns in Germany. With their hashtag #weilwirdichlieben (because we love you), they provoked hate comments from their guests on purpose and used them in their own advertising – and even did a song with them.

6. Trolls on a train
When a rightwing politician tagged the BVG in a Twitter post, they reacted with daily greetings from their train conductors with immigrant names.

7. International attention
The adidas BVG collab was a local release but attracted media from all over the world – from New York and London all the way to Taiwan.

8. #eartothestreet
The whole project was initiated and run by adidas’ Till Jagla and his team. Till helped create concepts such as NMD, Equipment or ZX Flux.

9. Berlin and EQT
The idea started out when adidas was looking for a new key city shoe for Berlin. The long-standing tradition of the community in Berlin lead to an Equipment shoe.

10. Anti-Graffiti
The camo is an “anti-graffiti” pattern. It’s used in Berlin’s subway because it prevents people from writing or spraying on the seats – because whatever you put on there, is hardly readable.

adidas BVG EQT Support 93 Berlin - Overkill Release 1

adidas BVG EQT Support 93 Berlin - Overkill Release 2

adidas BVG EQT Support 93 Berlin - Till Jagla and Marc Leuschner

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