Weird Wednesday – High Top Edition

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Ding Dong, it’s “Weird Wednesday” again! There are tons of great releases, tons of awesome new silhouettes and sneakers all around us, but let’s face it: there’s also so much weird stuff going on. Sometimes we really have to ask “wtf? why’d they do this?”. This time, we tried to find or TOP 10 of weird High Top styles (from the last couple of years) and i honestly think, we found some. Some silhouettes are pretty crazy, some colorways are just weird, sometimes the whole concept is, well… special.

Before looking at our TOP10, please note that this is a very subjective list – don’t take it personal!

So check out our ranking:

10. Adidas Yeezy Boot 950
The Hype is real. Everything Kanye touches becomes golden. In this case, it’s a pretty weird gold. I mean, it’s clearly a pretty high Duck Boot. But would people really buy it if it wasn’t for Kanye? Yes, perhaps the “i love going out into the wild for the weekend to fish and hike through the woods” guy – but sneakerheads? C’mon!

9. Opening Ceremony x adidas Originals
It’s hard for me to find some words here. It’s clean, yes. But what was the thinking behind this concept? “Hey, let’s mix a hiking sole with the look of a diving shoe.”? Perhaps i’m not deep enough into fashion, but i don’t understand this.

That’s just wrong – why combining the Air Force 1 silhouette with THIS!?

7. Rihanna x Puma Eskiva
Well, we thought that the mixture of boxing and racing boot was a thing from some years back, but Puma just presented this mid/high top style in cooperation with Rihanna – it’s not even released!

This is one of these “weeell, it’s a performance style and could be pretty functional, but actually it looks pretty weird” cases. Yes, it really is. Especially with that hiking boot outdoorish look on the upper. Not feelin’ it.

5. Jordan Melo 1.5
Sorry guys, but “no words needed”.

4. Adidas X Jeremy Scott ROUNDHOUSE “HANDCUFFS”
Jeremy Scott designed several collections including footwear styles for the three stripes and i think almost each one of the sneakers could have ended up here. Weird wings here, Bones on the laces there, the list is long. But this one tops it – why should anybody put chains on his kicks?

3. Nike Kobe 9 KRM EXT Black Mamba
I am a little sorry for this because the Kobe 9 seems to be a great shoe on the court and some colorways are also pretty nice, but come on, this looks like a shoe Darth Vader was wearing when he tried to be cool in front of his Storm Troopers. Really.

2. Supra X Lil’ Wayne ‘Chimera’
This escalated quickly. Using a rapper to promote sneakers can be cool, but sometimes you can also fail miserable. You know where i am going, don’t you?

1. adidas by Rick Owens RO Runner Ankle Boot
When i found these, i knew that my search was over. Combining a ankle boot with a weird sneaker sole doesn’t make sense, even if you’re Rick Owens. This has to be our winner.

What do you think? Did we miss an important shoe in our Weird Wednesday – High Top ranking?

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