The History of adidas EQT – #throwback

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For today’s #throwback, we decided to pick a documentary from 2014 that couldn’t be more of-the-moment today, with the big relaunch of the adidas Originals EQT line happening now.

We’re going back two years, to a documentary by adidas Originals that is dedicated to “The Best of Adidas”, to adidas Equipment. Award-winning filmmaker Will Robson-Scott traveled around the world to meet important men from the world of sneakers. He met Jesse Villanueva of ALIFE in NYC, Shigeyuki Kunii from mita sneakers and Kazunori Yamada of Undefeated in Tokyo, Overkill’s Marc Leuschner in Berlin and adidas connoisseur Gary Aspden in Blackburn. Finally, he traveled to where it all began in 1991, to meets design director Paul Mittleman and the legendary adidas Equipment footwear designer Jacques Chassaing in the adidas headquarters in Herzogenaurach.

That’s a hell of a “cast” – and in case you’re a fan of the EQT series, it’s a must-see!

You wanna know more about the relaunch of adidas EQT in 2017? Check out our FAQ with all information you need to get your hands on a pair! 

Enjoy this week’s #throwback with adidas EQT – check out last week’s #throwback with DJ Khaled here! Also: the documentary Sneakerheadz is a Must Watch for sneakerheads!

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