The Good Will Out x Diadora – The Rise and Fall of The Roman Empire

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Things are getting colossal for the upcoming collaboration between The Good Will Out and Diadora: Headed for an exclusive release on June 17, The Rise and Fall of The Roman Empire Pack consists of two silhouettes, namely the TGWO x Diadora V7000 Caligula and TGWO x Diadora S8000 Nerone.

As the names suggest, Roman history looms large over the collab, with both shoes named after legendary emperors. The TGWO x Diadora V7000 Caligula pays tribute to Gaius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, who was actually named after the tiny sandals (Latin “Caligae”) he wore as a two-year-old, which perhaps makes him one of the first sneaker freaks in history.

Caligula was also a freak in many other aspects – if you’re old enough, watch the movie of the same name (but consider yourself warned) – because he declared himself as a god and paraded in all kinds of costumes. His cream-colored Diadora V7000 was inspired by the Toga, a classic Roman robe that is also reflected in the shoe’s linen materials.

In reference to Rome’s splendour, the form stripe on the V7000’s upper is materialized in golden leather, while the heels are crafted from pony hair (!) in reference to Caligula’s horse, Incitatus (the TGWO really did their homework for this one). The heels also feature a branded coin with Caligula’s portrait next to the number 7000 in Roman numerals.

The super-lightweight V7000 weighs in at only 290 grams and was initially designed for mid-distance runs with a pointed, streamlined design. The luxury shoe ships in a white box with golden logos.

The flaming red TGWO x Diadora S8000 Nerone was inspired by Nerō Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus – or simply “Nero” for his homies – who reigned with a heavy hand and allegedly paid his henchmen to set the city of Rome on fire.

The upper heel segments are crafted from glossy leather to symbolize the scorching ashes after the fire, while the model number S8000 is rendered in gleaming red letters. Scorching coals also line the printed insoles, while a heel icon in the shape of a golden Roman coin rounds out the shoes, shipped in a special black shoe box with red logo print.

Technically speaking the S8000 is a classic 1990s runner – the “S” is short for “stability” – and features a sole crafted from PU foam and Hypalon hard rubber on the heels. The upper is crafted from perforated nylon, supported by strategically placed bands for support.

Both shoes feature splashes of pink – the Caligula on the heels and tongue, the Nerone on the mod-sole – to symbolize the high social rank of the two emperors (only royalty was allowed to wear pink togas in Rome) as well as their madness.

The shoes in the pack are Made in Italy from upscale materials such as goat leather, kangaroo napa leather, picasso goat leather and 54-inch linen. Each shoe will ship with four sets of laces, including one with golden lace tips bearing The Good Will Out logo.

The Good Will Out x Diadora – The Rise and Fall of The Roman Empire Pack will release on June 17 in-store and online at TGWO.

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