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As all of you might know it’s April 20th and you know, it’s probably the greenest holiday ever. We celebrate plants and trees on this sunny “Global Ganja celebration day”. So how could the HQ of Sneakers Mag celebrate this special day if not by listing up the most appropriate kicks for the occasion. Enjoy the Best Weed Inspired Kicks!

Nike Air Max 90 X Patta “Homegrown”: You got the name, do you? You also got that the collaborating sneaker store is from Amsterdam, the European capital of Marijuana? It’s actually dedicated to the Dutch Hip Hop scene where, surprise surprise, weed has a firm stand!


Nike Dunk “Skunk”: This is something for the out the closet weed smoker. Someone who’s proud to be a Stoner and wants his shoes to tell the world.

Nike SB Dunk “Cheech & Chong”: Inspired by one of the greatest couples from weed movies the “Cheech & Chong” Dunk comes with a very special feature. You buy the shoe with an almost all white upper with some red pasley  details but after wearing them the outer skin will peel off and release the weed colored textile underneath, reminding of a burning joint – dope (pun intended) concept.

Nike Dunk “Blunt & Cigars”: This one’s a bit tricky as it is more dedicated to Florida’s cigar smoking scene. But let’s be honest, your first thought was to inhale instead of  chuffing, or nah?

Adidas Superstar “Philly Blunt”: Inspired by the “Phillies Cigar brand” this one sadly never made it into production – the “Philly Blunt” is the most subtle executed sneaker in our list but the texture of the leather is clearly inspired by a blunt’s texture.

BAIT X ADIDAS STAN SMITH VULC “4/20”: Bait was always good at the “collab game” but this one is just great – the Stan Smith Vulc is special because it’s the first sneaker that’s inspired by medical marijuana. Nice gadget: you can hide your “stuff” in a little pocket in the tongue.  The “4/20” is actually releasing today!

Reebok Ventilator Supreme “Cam’ron”: Maybe the best weed inspired collab of the year! Reebok teamed up with Harlem local Cam’ron to translate his “Purple Haze” album onto the Ventilator Supreme sneaker silhouette – While the upper is purple the insoles may be the most Killa Cam part of the shoe – they are graced by the iconic picture of Cam’ron in a pink fur, holding a pink flip phone. Just like the previously mentioned Stan Smith, this is releasing today!

Vans Vault OG “Palm Leaf Pack”:
This one makes us laugh a bit. It’s actually called “Palm Leaf” – are you serious? Well, case closed because of reasons.


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