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It’s almost over! As you might know, we teamed up with Afew Store from Düsseldorf, to host another one of our popular “Heat On Feet” photo contests. This edition was “Nike Only”. And what can we say, you guys delivered again! More than 300 pics were sent in, the standard was amazing.

In the end, only 20 were voted into the final rounds, of which the jury chose a TOP 10… for now! On Wednesday, we’ll present the winner in our newsletter – SUBSCRIBE HERE!

As you can see here, our Heat On Feet “Nike Only” TOP 10 features a nice variety of Nike kicks. Vintage runners, Air Jordans, General Releases and some heat! From here on, a jury consisting of Afew Store and Sneakers Magazine will pick a winner who’ll will receive a voucher worth €1000 and spend all of it at Afew Store afterwards! Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter to always keep informed! Check out all entries to our Heat On Feet “Nike Only” in our gallery!

Enjoy the Heat On Feet “Nike Only” – TOP 10 below

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