Hanon x New Balance 520 “Fishermen’s Blues”

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This Fall season has already seen some amazing New Balance releases, including the upcoming Boston-inspired CNCPTS 997.5 “Esplanade” model. Over in Europe, the team at Hanon is upping the ante with a Scotland-inspired collab with the iconic brand: The New Balance 520 “Fishermen’s Blues” will release in a few weeks with a nautical-inspired color palette.

The shoe is a rather rare model in the New Balance canon. It’s a 1970s runner, featured here in an updated version on the classic. On that note, the partnership between Hanon and New Balance started 13 years ago and this new drop marks a new high water mark.

Inspiration for the New Balance 520 “Fishermen’s Blues” comes from Scotland’s North Sea fishing industry. The shoe gives a nod to the brave fishermen who face the rugged conditions out at sea. This is reflected in the different shades of premium blue leathers on the upper, supplemented by matching lacing.

Inspired by the high seas

As the Hanon team describes it: “Aberdeen Harbour is the oldest existing business in the UK with a history that spans almost 900 years, and further north in Peterhead, there is the largest white fish and pelagic (mackerel and herring) port in the UK. Throughout the years, towns and communities in the North East of Scotland were established and built around fishing with some settlements dating back to the Medieval Times.”

The finer details include references to omens and good luck tokens kept by fishermen in hope of safe passage. According to Hanon, the shoe “captures the spirit of a bygone era where superstitions and myth carried weight as seafaring men leaned heavily upon omens and luck to secure a safe return from the hardships of fishing in the North Sea.”

The insole features the words “For the Chosen Few. Aberdeen Scotland. Established 1990.” Each pair ships with three lace sets, bespoke shoe box, branded tissue paper, and a special edition cotton dust bag.

Hanon tapped esteemed British photographer Ewen Spencer to capture a series of images on film of a fishing crew and their vessel, while on location in Peterhead, Scotland. Each pair of shoes bought from Hanon will come with a set of four Ewen Spencer postcards featuring images from the shoot.

Those looking to catch a pair of the New Balance 520 “Fishermen’s Blues” need to watch closely on September 16 for the in-store launch at Hanon. The official release for a £109 price tag will be followed by an online exclusive on September 17 at 6:00PM UK time.

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