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The Nike Air Force 1 might be one of the most popular sneakers out there. Its distinctive round shape and its story make it a true icon which has been around for multiple decades now. The Air Force 1 is the type of sneaker that you will see on an old man’s feet as much as on teenagers – the different styles it comes in, give the shoe an incredible versatility that could be worn with many varying types of outfits. Just to give you an impression of the Air Force 1’s popularity, here are some shots of celebrities pulling of a fresh pair. Interesting side note: We couldn’t find a picture of Nelly wearing Air Force 1’s outside of his music video…
May the Force be with you

Fat Joe, who’s a little less fat now, in his Air Force 1 Obama Custom. Great detail: “Yes we can” on the side of the toe box – in Spanish.

50 Cent aka. “as rude as rich” aka. “selling anything from drinks to underwear” aka. “You can find me in the club” in a very simple pair in white and obsidian blue.

Christiano Ronaldo in Tishi’s… The 90’s have called, they want the keychain back bruh.

French Rapper Booba and his own Air Forced 1’s. This guy is the 50 Cent of French Hip Hop – with 50 Cent muscle.

A$ap Rocky has made the Force’s popular amongst the very young 13-years old again. Of course they’s only wear all white mid’s because that’s what Pretty Flacko would wear.

Busta Rhymes in all-white lows. That’s history on so many levels right there.

Tony Parker is a great Point Guard AND was married to Eva Longoria.They broke up because of him cheatingh…on Eva Longoria. Oh and yeah, he’s wearing Air Force 1 low’s in metallic blue and grey.

Ciara tomboying in the tan Tisci’s.

Of course, Mark Wahlberg has to be part of this. You will always find a pic of Mark Wahlberg for any category you could think of!

Nike Air Force 1 Low’s are everything Dr. Dre wears ( or something like that). There’s a rumor that he unboxes a fresh pair every day #ThingsRichPeopleDo

Cash Money Records 4th Annual Pre-GRAMMY Awards Party
Red leather pants…

I mean, the shoes should match the chains.

Turtl… I mean Jerry Ferrara in “Entourage” had a sick Air Force 1’s game!

Jude low in some beat up Mid’s – you are appreciated!

waleWale is notorious for his kick game! Here he’s rocking the tan Air Force 1 x Ricardo Tishi Tan.

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