6 Things Every Sneakerhead Should Own

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Always on the hunt for a new pair of kicks? You don’t miss a limited release? well, you must be pretty much into kicks. But a high number of sneakers also causes some problems. Dirty shoes, no room for new pairs and so on. This is why we did this list with “6 Things Every Sneakerhead should own” – a little shopping guide for you. Just click on the links to find out where to buy the stuff!

6 Things Every Sneakerhead should own:

Good Shoe trees – Creases of the toe box? That’s not cool – try to get some shoe trees. We often hear good things about the Langer & Messmer shoe trees – but here’s a low budget variant too! These ones can also stretch and widen your (leather) kicks in case they’re to small or slim. (pic by angelus)

Knowledge  – this one’s a little bit more philosophic. As “collecting sneakers” is a dedication with a (nowadays) big history, it’s always cool to have some knowledge about what you collect, isn’t it? Check out our feature about the best sneaker-related books here!

Shoe Boxes – new shoes come in a shoebox, right. But what about the rare to find gem you just got from ebay? The seller didn’t know what he was selling and threw the box away. So how to stack them now? Check out these boxes – recommended by Sneakerkult! (pic via Highsnobiety)

Sneakerser Pen – we all love white midsoles. But sometimes, they aren’t white anymore after wearing the kicks for some time. Sneakerser made this amazing pen to repaint colored midsoles and it works surprisingly well! The Sneakerser Pen is available in different colors here!

Waterproofing Spray – Got some new heat but you don’t dare to wear them immediately, because it looks like rain outside? Well, waterproofing spray could be a resolution to this problem. Try Imprägnol for example, it gets pretty good ratings in every product test! Get it here! You can also use Jason Markk stuff or Crep Protect – Carbon Pro is also highly recommended!

Sneaker Cleaning Stuff – precaution is always good. That’s why we put Waterproofing Spray on our list. But what if your kicks still got dirty? That’s no real problem anymore, as there are plenty of brands around, that are dedicated to cleaning your kicks. You can find a good range of sneaker cleaning products here, here and here!

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